Salient features of Cash@POS facility:

  • Minimum amount of withdrawal Rs.100/- (thereafter in multiples of Rs.100/- ).
  • Maximum of Rs.1000/- per day per card.
  • Cash withdrawal at POS available to all debit cards / Prepaid cards issued in India.
  • Convenience fee fixed at 1% on State Bank group debit cards to be charged to the card holder.

    Minimum Rs.7.50/-

    Maximum Rs.10/-

  • Incentive of Rs.5/- paid on each successful cash transaction to the merchant.
Advantages to CSP:
  • Reduces cost of cash handling.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Potential source of revenue to the merchant.
  • Re-circulate cash (better cash management).
Monthly Rental payable by CSP
Particulars PSTN Desktop GPRS Portable GPRS
Monthly rental to recover additional cost of desktop GPRS terminal(s), per terminal, including monthly SIM charges to be collected through Standing Instructions Rs. 250 Rs. 350 Rs. 450
One time Non-refundable security deposit amount at the time of installation per terminal to be recovered centrally NA Rs.200 Rs.400

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